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Adallom extends visibility, governance and protection to any cloud application delivered as-a-service.

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Adallom Cloud Usage Risk Report

Adallom Cloud Usage Risk Report
Application usage patterns for over 1 million users on Salesforce, Box, Google Apps and Office 365.


Gain complete context into your application usage, from user, usage, location and devices to data sharing activities.


Govern access control, usage and cloud DLP to protect confidential corporate information and address regulatory mandates.


Multi-layered integrated protection identifies high-risk users, high-risk usage, anomalous behaviors and threats to prevent against internal and external attacks.

How can Adallom protect your SaaS usage?
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The role of IT is to enable technologies that help our users do their jobs better while making operations more efficient. The cloud is essential to achieving these goals. Equally important to this is Adallom’s cloud application security platform, which secures our cloud applications and users and provides relevant information on activity in real-time.

Mike Westlund, Sr. Director of IT at Jive Software

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Shadow IT: not the risk you're looking for. (via @VirtualTal)

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